"21. Yüzyıl’da Bilginin Bir Fazlası"


Who Are We ?

Our aim as Active Minds is to be a mentor, coach and guide for teenagers starting from high school years to their career’s initial stages.

In this respect, we provide classes to students individually or in groups for Turkish high school entrance exams and classes to parents on how to deal with this stressful period. We also try to help on understanding and managing parents relations with their children.

We believe that one of the most important success factors in life is soft skill or what is called 21st century skills, we provide classes, workshops and experiential summer school for this end’s purpose.

For students who are entering university, we guide them through their choices both from a university perspective as well as guide them through admission process.

For students who are ready to enter professional life, we help them write their CV’s, help their assessment center process as well as their interview. We believe that entering professional life is a time is the most critical time in your life.

All in all, we are there to walk with you through the path of academic life.

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